Review and Photos by Coleen Rider

Bottega Louie has a heavenly quality to it, especially if one's version of heaven includes good design. Its stark 20 foot white walls' only embellishments are plaster cartouches, duplicated from those found in 14th C. Paris apartments using French cartouche makers, but as chef and part owner Sam Marvin states, "the art is in the people, the food, and the juxtaposition of the two." Indeed, everywhere you look, there are painting worthy scenes. After only being open four months, it looks as though the locals have welcomed Bottega Louie with open arms. There are CEO's, students, artist types, secretaries, fashionistas, movie people, all perched in the various areas created especially for their repeat enjoyment. Four times a week, to be exact, is how often the founders would like to see you, and they have tailored their offerings to guarantee your return.

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