“...For me, for the mix of food quality, prices, service, vibe, and overall "I want to go back there" factor, the best restaurant in Downtown is ... Bottega Louie. It fills such a necessary niche in Downtown. You can take work colleagues or clients there, you can start a fun night out there, you can end your night there, you can casually meet friends there, you can have Sunday brunch there, and it works for all of that and more. The high end food is great, but the pizzas and salads are also fantastic, and the sides are absolutely tremendous - I sometimes make a meal out of just those. The service is excellent, even when it's packed and loud - and it's just as excellent when you grab a table in the bar area. The cocktails are superb (many people don't realize this, but Bottega Louie gives all the "cocktail bars" in town a serious run for their money in the quality and creativity department), the desserts aren't an afterthought, and they do all this for very reasonable prices. The prepared foods are stellar, and the little gourmet shop carries really unique product. All in all, Bottega Louie is the entire package, and Downtown is the better for it.”

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